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Tell me if this sounds familiar: It’s Saturday afternoon. It’s either 40 degrees or 100 degrees outside and/or raining. You already went to the mall and to the library this morning. You look at your full-of-energy children and ask yourself, “What do I do with them now?!”


Perhaps you Google “things to do in Dallas with kids.” What you find are (1) the same suggestions over and over, which you’ve already been to a million times, or (2) a website with so much clutter and pop-up ads that you can’t find the information you need. So, you end up back at the mall, children’s museum or zoo.

At PlaySource, we like things simple and useful. That’s why our site is no-frills, no pop-up ads, and no-nonsense. Our goal is to be a resource for parents, grandparents, and caregivers for fun places to take their kids to play, learn, and be entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update the information on PlaySource?

We are constantly updating the Directory with new places to play. Check back often.

Do you list all of the area parks and playgrounds?

No, because there are too many to list! The Directory lists nature preserves and a few city splash pads, but is otherwise not a comprehensive list of all the area parks and playgrounds. Search online for your city’s Parks and Recreation website for a full list of parks and playgrounds (for example, Dallas parks, Plano parks, and Frisco parks).

Do you list the hours of operation of each play place?

No, because the hours of operation and closures for private events at some places are subject to change from time to time. If you’re new to a place, then we recommend that you call before you go or check their website. Avoid the frustration!

Do you filter the play places by child's age?


No, because in our experience, most of the play places will have something for even the tiniest tots. However, there is a "Good for Infants/Toddlers" filter option in the Directory to indicate that a place is especially well-suited for the youngest among us.

Have you been to all of the play places listed in the Directory?

No, not yet. And PlaySource is not a personal endorsement of any of the places listed. 

Where did you put all the legalese?

We thought you'd never ask! Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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